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A little too late

Well, this comes a little too late

When I was flying back in 2005, I forgot to remove my small pocketknife from my backpack while going through the TSA security in Austin, TX.

While they scanned my back, a person said for me to stand over in another part of the screening area. They found the knife, took it and threw it in a can that I assumed was garbage.

That pocketknife was less than an inch long and was given to me by my grandfather when I was 8.

I wasn’t given a choice to mail it back to myself or step out of line.

While screaming at the TSA agent about my personal memento from my grandfather, I had a blindingly clear realization: the Patriot Act which was supposed to make us safer, didn’t. It just made people stupider. And I’ve hated the Patriot Act ever since.