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Trending with Rob Hunter: Bradley Manning, Dr. Phil and “Slane Girl”

It’s basically the weekend so here are three stories you need to know about in case you missed them this week:

Former Army intelligence analyst Bradley Manning now wants to be called Chelsea Manning. In a letter released on Thursday Manning stated his intentions to live out the rest of his life as a woman. Interesting but my problem is his attorney is going to make sure you, as an American taxpayer, have to pay for it.

“Slane Girl” as she is being called, was at an Eminem concert and had sexual relations with a couple guys in public. Aside from the initial problem of it happening where everyone could see — there were photos were taken and people on the Internet ID’d her.
Also, the Internet doesn’t like you asking questions. This week Dr. Phil tweeted a question: “If a girl is drunk is it ok to have sex with her?” He then deleted it. And then got piled on.