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New George Zimmerman ad effective, but inaccurate

The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence has released a new online ad.

The ad attempts to recreate the night Trayvon Martin was shot by George Zimmerman in Sanford, Fla. The audio is from the actual 911 calls from that night. The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence’s goal is to get people to stand up to stand your ground laws.

Notice the end of the ad. It shows several hooded men lying on the ground, apparently having been shot by gun-wielding neighborhood watchmen.

Is the ad effective? Yes. Even if you don’t agree with their stance, the ad is still very effective. It’s shocking. It’s in your face. Ads like this typically get their message across very well.

Of course, it’s also worth noting Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law didn’t come into play during George Zimmerman’s trial. He was acquitted of second-degree murder due to lack of evidence.