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What’s the point of teen pregnancy PSAs?

Will these public service announcements work?

They will be placed on subways and buses around New York City. The goal is to reduce teen pregnancy rates.

Critics say they won’t achieve their goal because the PSAs don’t talk about birth control. Others say this will only increase the number of teens who get abortions.

Forty-one percent of all pregnancies end in abortion in New York City. As alarming as that might be, that’s down from 46 percent in 1998.

Still others think these announcements strike exactly the right cord. They argue that, in 2013, it takes shocking statements to even catch people’s attention, especially teenagers.

But seriously, let’s cut to the chase. When was the last time a public service announcement at the bus stop had a profound effect on you? Chances are they haven’t.

My point is these ads won’t change much. In fact, teen pregnancy rates are already falling in New York City — 27 percent over the past decade. Nonetheless, if pregnancy rates continue the downward trend the city will take all the credit.

The bottom line is it is never quite as simple as government makes it seem. They just rush to take all the credit.