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What does your email inbox say about you?

What does your email inbox say about you?

Here are all the types.

Bruce is a cross between email neat freak and email destroyer. I glanced over at his inbox to see five emails Wednesday morning. I’m sure they are already in the deleted folder. Bruce admits to declaring email bankruptcy when he gets too far behind. This is when he deletes everything and starts over.

Pamela and I both tend to be email chaos lovers. Why? Because we can’t keep up with our overflowing inboxes. I have two email accounts and I’m behind on both of them. There are 1,846 unread emails in my work email ( if you’d like to add to it). I just changed the settings on my gmail account to hide many of the unread emails. Right now, it says I have 86 of them, but the truth is I have about 4,000. Chaos.

I just don’t want to devote the time to keep an inbox spotless. This is sort of how my life works in general, except that I leave things in piles, not files. It drives my wife crazy. But, that’s just how my mind works.

What’s your email type? And what does that say about you?

Rob Hunter is Bruce St. James’ sidekick weekdays from 9 a.m. to noon. He also co-hosts “Rob & Mark,” Saturdays from noon to 3 p.m.