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Final Word: Best to enjoy fireworks handled by the pros

I was driving to my son’s baseball game Saturday night.
The thermometer in the car read it was 108 degrees outside.

I pulled into the Safeway parking lot to buy a third bag of ice (it melts before you can put it in the cooler) and I saw a crew setting up a tent where they will sell fireworks starting Monday.

I have to admit, I kind of wanted to kick the poles down.
I know, the Fourth of July is next Friday.There is nothing like a great fireworks display on the Fourth.
But can’t we leave it to the professionals? Please?

It hasn’t rained here in more than 100 days.
We’ve already seen forest fires this season the size of which we don’t usually see til July or August.
(I know, we don’t live in the forest but that grass around your house is dry. Really dry. And if you live near one of the mountain preserves, you’re probably nervous enough WITHOUT sparklers and bottle rockets.)

A new Arizona law regulates the sale and use of fireworks, and most are banned. Legal fireworks must be of the “safe and sane” variety. They can’t be projectiles and they can’t go up in the air. And just because you can buy them, doesn’t mean they are legal.

Needless to say, on the Fourth of July, they’ll be going off in your neighborhood anyway. Better have your hose ready.

As silly as that sounds, it’s the advice from the Phoenix Fire Department. Have a bucket or hose ready, if you feel you MUST light a fuse on something a legal firework.
Also, if it’s wrapped in brown paper, it’s probably illegal.

If you must light something, make sure that the ashes are completely out before throwing them in a Dumpster, even if you have to soak them.

And never relight a device that doesn’t go off, or try to explode something inside a glass container.

Here’s what else Phoenix Fire said: When it comes right down to it, they’d prefer you don’t buy them or use them at all. Leave it to the pros. That way, no one gets hurt and no one’s house burns down. And no firefighters will put their lives in danger to save your house.

What’s more patriotic than that??