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Final Word: Don’t worry, guys, women don’t want to date the hot mugshot guy

(Please read this with your tongue firmly in your cheek.)

Ah, the mugshot. We love to look at pictures of people taken at their worst moment.

Whether its someone famous like Nick Nolte or the guy who looks like he might have just climbed out from under a truck, the photos are often hilarious.

This mugshot from Stockton, Calif., got so many likes that it got the attention of a local TV station. More than 10,000 women “liked” the photo and more than 2,400 women commented on the photo of 30-year-old Jeremy Meeks.

He was arrested on felony weapons charges, but that didn’t stop comments like, “OMG, come to mama” and “He can kidnap me any day…lol.”

It’s no different from when a beautiful woman gets her mugshot “liked” but I think the difference is what these women would ACTUALLY do with Mr. Meeks.

We think he’s hot, sure. But we don’t want to DATE him. We’d rather date the guy who has a job and no felony record, even if he’s just average-looking.

The bad guy is pure fantasy.

You guys, however, DO want to date that hot gal, just as soon as she’s out on bail.

You figure she’s really probably a nice girl who found herself in a bit of trouble, but with the right guy, she’ll be the girl you want to bring home to mom. But she won’t. You just don’t want to admit it.

Girls, now, we are different. We tend to see the diamond in the rough.

We find that guy who has a great profile, super legs, (or, better yet, a really great mind) and choose him. Then we work on him slowly and deliberately, until he is the guy we want. Ask any woman how their man’s wardrobe has changed since the day they met.

I rest my case.

Guys, don’t worry. Your woman might think that felon is hot, but we don’t want to marry him.