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Final Word: Don’t use abandoned migrants for political gain

The migrants being dropped off at the Phoenix Greyhound station sure is a sexy story.

For the past week, local media — including us — have been reporting about the migrant families, mostly women and children, who have been flown from Texas to Phoenix and released at the Greyhound station by the hundreds.

The state of Texas has been sending these migrants steadily over the course of meany years. The Phoenix New Times wrote Wednesday that it’s only in the last few weeks that the story has gotten any attention because the numbers have skyrocketed.

The WHYs of this story are complicated, and deserve talking about too. But in the mean time, the outrage continues from sources you might NOT think about here in Arizona.

Since the implementation of SB 1070, Arizona has ben known as the state that shakes down illegals and shakes its finger at the president over immigration policy. Granted, the feds haven’t done much to secure the border nor have the allowed Arizona to do any real policing either, but notice how the talking points have changed.

Republican leaders far and wide are criticizing the president for his immigration policies. Candidates for governor fought to be first to prove they have a heart and express humanitarian outrage.

Gov. Jan Brewer went so far as to write a letter detailing that “DHS has abandoned these individuals at bus stations without any food, water, or basic necessities.” She reminds the president that it’s hot here, and that the president needs to care for these immigrants.

Where will they go? What will they do? How dare the state of Texas just DUMP these poor people here?

Great questions, all of them.

But since when has the well-being of these immigrants ever been a concern?

Since now.

Since it gave us ammunition with which to shoot down a poorly thought-out immigration policy and DHS practice.
Stop the disingenuous dialogue.

For God’s sake, do something for the immigrants. Feed them, clothe them, give them shelter.

But don’t do it to score political points.