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Final Word: I don’t care to whom, just give

Maybe you missed the story of Shanesha Taylor.

Taylor is a single mom of two who said she couldn’t find a sitter for her kids but she had a job interview a few weeks back. She had been out of work for a while and so she took her kids with her, a 2-year-old and a 6-month-old, and left them in the car outside the building when she went into interview.

A witness saw one of the children crying, and alerted police. Taylor was arrested and has pleaded not guilty to two counts of child abuse.

The mug shot of her taken when she was booked moved a lot of people and many have donated money to her cause. So far, more than $95,000 has been raised for this mom, and her bond was paid for by a local church.

Her money problems are gone for the time being, but her legal woes, maybe not.

Which brings up an interesting point:What moves you to give money to a cause?

Taylor’s predicament is all too common, and certainly sad, but probably not too relatable. Yet donations are pouring in.

But Taylor is just one single mom in a tough spot. Arizona has thousands just like her. They could all use a little help.

Tuesday at midnight, something called Arizona Gives will begin. It’s a 24-hour push to donate to charities online. Not that you SHOULDN’T give to Taylor, but if you are in a giving mood, check it out.

Maybe you are moved by a soldier with a brain injury. Maybe you can’t stand the thought of a child going hungry. Or maybe you want to help abandoned animals find a new home.

Whatever it is, you can help, starting Tuesday.
Go to and check out the nearly 1,000 agencies there. Click on the green button that says “Schedule My Donation” and a whole list of opportunities will pop up.

Help a blind child get cane training. Feed that shelter dog. Make sure that mom who lost her baby has someone to talk to.

You can search by keyword or zip code, whatever. Just do it.

You might find something to fall in love with.