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Final Word: Obama needs to own Syria decision either way

Everyone is watching and waiting to see what the United States will do in Syria.

It’s not an easy decision. I am glad I don’t have to make it.

But Obama does and he sure is talking a lot about it.

I am not sure why you would talk about it, especially when you haven’t made a decision.

In a situation this fragile, isn’t it just as important to keep the world guessing what the most powerful nation might do, as it is to make the right decision?

There really isn’t a great answer, except if a show of force by the United States that DOESN’T include airstrikes and a loss of civilian life but simply threatens to do so, proves effective.

It worked in North Korea and the president didn’t talk much about that.

Why are we hearing so much about our options in Syria? Is it because the White House wants everyone to know how seriously he is taking the situation? Is it because he REALLY wants input from all the other world leaders? Or is it because he doesn’t have a plan and wants to find some middle ground so he can escape criticism afterward?

There is sure to be criticism because there isn’t a good answer. There is no winner.

Now Congress wants a say, no doubt due to the disaster that was the initial Iraq conflict, but here’s the thing: Everyone will hold the president accountable anyway.

And it’s a decision he needs to own. That responsibility comes with the job.