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Final Word: Today’s young stars veering wildly off course

So, I know I am getting old when I didn’t even KNOW the MTV Video Music Awards were on Sunday night.
Not that you had to have watched when it was on — you can’t get away from the video and the recaps.

But in case you missed it …

Justin Timberlake performed for 15 minutes and was awesome. He’s really talented and has completely turned into a different person from his ‘N Sync persona, but the band got back together for the fun of it.

Katy Perry performed under the Brooklyn Bridge.
And Taylor Swift swore to Selena Gomez, as if she didn’t know she was on TV and that her red lipstick made it easy to tell what she was saying.

But Miley Cyrus is the one everyone is talking about this day.

If you missed the video, your wi-fi must be down.
Besides what she wore, what she did with her foam finger has even Hollywood A-listers wondering if she has completely lost it.

The morning after the awards, the guest host on the “Today” show was Brooke Shields.

Shields, 48, was a child star when I was growing up. She posed in a couple eye-catching ads, most notably the “nothing comes between me and my Calvins” jeans campaign.
In 1981, that was controversial. We’ve come a long way since then, haven’t we?

Not in a good way.

Shields said that she was invited to all the clubs and the parties, from an early age, but that her mom said no to most of the invites. Her friends were mostly NOT famous, and there were a lot of limits.

I know times have changed and kids grow up faster than they used to, but not THAT much faster.

If Miley Cyrus’ parents weren’t IN the business themselves, maybe they could have applied the brakes a little.

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