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Final Word: ASU dorms are basically hotels

You had to have seen the story Tuesday about the 26 kids at Arizona State University who are staying at the Westin Downtown because their dorms are full?

Okay. So how different is this for you than your college experience? For me? Night and day.

I moved into Palo Verde East on an August day in 1988. It might have been 115. It sure felt like it.

I had a God-awful roommate that first week. She only lasted a week until she got a single room because apparently she couldn’t get along with anyone!

I had no TV or stereo, but I did have a very fancy rental fridge.

Four of us shared a bathroom and I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

The kids who are waiting for their downtown dorm rooms? They have heavenly beds and flat-screen TVs. Maids come to clean their rooms. They can even use the concierge in the lobby if they want to.

My mattress at P.V. East? Nothing heavenly about it. Except that it was up on blocks so I could use the space under the bid to put my stuff.

Will these kids suffer withdrawal symptoms when they have to move into the dorm? Probably not.

These are not your average dorms. But then, what is average these days? I don’t even know anymore.