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Final Word: Phoenix Coyotes aren’t the economic engine Glendale needs

The City of Chicago and the Blackhawks took home the Stanley Cup Monday night when they beat the Boston Bruins in Game 6. Even in Boston, where the game was played, there were a lot of Blackhawks fans in the stands, pulling for their team.

Chicago loves their Blackhawks. How much? A lot. Chicago ranks number one in attendance in the NHL.

The Coyotes? Yep, they rank second-to-last.

Look, I like hockey. What great fun, especially in Phoenix, IN JUNE, to go into an ice palace for sports. But I don’t like it enough to pay for it.

And apparently, neither do you.

I like being a four-sports town, but I don’t want to do it if it means the City of Glendale has to mortgage its city hall and it’s future to do it and Glendale is about to do just that.

On the agenda at Tuesday’s city council meeting is an emergency measure to secure a lease-purchase agreement for a maximum of $30 million on Glendale’s City Hall complex.

The city has been paying the NHL to cover its losses and to operate Arena. The city has already tapped funds set aside for landfills, sanitation and water and sewer services. This in a city where 911 service was at risk last year.

I know, a lot of people’s jobs depend on the Coyotes. Shops at Westage and security jobs all could go away if the Coyotes leave.

I am a huge fan of Shane Doan and all the Coyotes. If hockey is your sports passion and you live in Phoenix, I feel sorry for the loss that I think is coming.

I think sports teams CAN be a great economic engine. This one just isn’t.