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Final Word: Barack Obama’s prom picture

“Time” magazine has an exclusive this week and it’s a keeper.

It’s Barack Obama’s prom picture from 1979.

Not only does the commander in chief LOOK pretty much the same, he looks like he was having a good time and I bet as far as dates go, he was a lot of fun.

Other than Bill Clinton, who probably asked two girls to the prom and wound up dating them both, he might have been the most fun prom date of all the recent presidents, which got me to wondering.

George W. Bush would have had the best car, (if he hadn’t rented a limo, which he probably did), H.W. would have been the one your parents liked the most and Jimmy Carter would have been the cheapest.

Ronald Reagan would have been the most likely to be satisfied just holding your hand and kissing you on the cheek.

Just a fun thought for your almost-holiday-weekend-Thursday.

Need for safe shelters in Oklahoma

The first of the tornado victims was laid to rest today in Moore, Okla. A 9-year-old girl is the first victim to be buried and there will be nine more children buried before a week goes by.

The mayor in Oklahoma City is calling for all new homes to have a storm cellar, and while they are definitely a good idea, I don’t think you can force builders to put them in because of the added cost. It HAS to be voluntary. Families will decide if they want to pay extra.

But when they rebuild the damaged schools in Moore and other towns, they should vow not to re-open until every child has a safe place to go the next time a storm hits.