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Final Word: Boston bombers’ possible influencer found

The “New York Review of Books” has tracked down the elusive Misha.

He’s the person who was talked about having possibly influenced the elder Tsarnev brother into committing the Boston Marathon bombings. He was talked about mostly by the Tsarnev family, it should be noted.

The reporter who found him describes him as a 39-year-old man of Armenian-Ukranian descent, of medium height with a reddish blond beard.

He admitted to knowing Tamerlan in Boston, but had not been in contact with him for a while. He went to great lenghts to say he was never the suspect’s teacher and said he would have preached against anything like the Boston Bombings.

Misha said he has spoke with the FBI and even asked the FBI if it was OK to talk to reporters, so while he may still be a “person of interest,” he doesn’t appear to be very interesting.

Michael Jackson’s doctor back in court

Michael Jackson’s doctor will be back in court as the Jackson family continues to seek monetary damages in Michael’s death.

Possibly billions are at stake as Jackson’s family is now going after the concert promoter. They say the company is liable because it hired Conrad Murray, who they say would do anything, including administer anesthesia, to make sure Michael was ready for the tour.

I agree, Murray’s methods seem less like medicine and more like pathology than a typical doctor’s routine, but where does personal responsibility come in?

Prom is costing parents big

A story on ABC’s website said the average cost to attend the prom this year is $1,139.


Where are these teens getting the money, you ask? Mom and dad, of course.

But here’s the oddest statistic: Married parents say they spend $770, while single parents say they pay twice that amount. I don’t think I spent that much my entire first semester of college.