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Final Word: Obama on daughters getting tattoos

The president is showing his parenting chops.

Along with the First Lady, in an interview with NBC, he spoke about talking to his daughters about tattoos.

Now, few parents would ENCOURAGE their kids to get a tattoo, but telling your kids they aren’t cool and expecting them to listen? You’re dreaming.

Instead, the president said he told the girls that if they DO get a tattoo, he and Michelle will get one too.

The very same one.

That’s funny. Maybe tongue-in-cheek, but a great way to tell your kids something without truly having to lay down the law.

We got lucky in our house. We had a babysitter when our daughter was a pre-teenager. She had a tattoo on her shoulder. She was also a very tall, very beautiful, very cool girl that our daughter looked up to.

When she was planning her wedding, she went through a very obvious, painful and expensive removal process, because she didn’t want her tattoo to show above her wedding dress. She talked a lot about how awful it was. My daughter watched it and I didn’t have to say a thing.

Mission accomplished.

Man arrested on ricin-related charges released

So last week, a Mississippi man was arrested for allegedly sending the ricin-tainted letters to the president and a senator.

The story didn’t get as much attention as it would have of course, because of the Boston story. But Wednesday, we now know the man has been cleared and the FBI is looking into another man in the case.

Paul Kevin Curtis, an Elvis impersonator, is now free and another man, Everett Dutchke, is under investigation. That was fast.

I wonder what Paul Kevin Curtis wants in return?

‘People’ on Gwyneth Paltrow

Is “People” magazine bending over backwards to be nice to Gwyneth by naming her their most beautiful for 2013?


But coming from where I sit, at 42, it’s nice that the most beautiful winner is nearly my age, has kids, and gets where she is in some degree by following an absolutely amazing diet. That’s encouraging.