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Final Word: Jodi Arias defense cost hits $1.4 million

No one should be shocked that the Jodi Arias trial has a big price tag.

So far, it’s cost taxpayers $1.4 million.

You know that court proceedings aren’t free, right? Well, take a normal murder trial and add a bunch of cameras and national media interest and you can multiply the cost a few times. As soon as you add national media interest, prosecutors start adding questions. Defense starts adding experts. Judges allow for more cross examination, longer breaks in testimony and more juror questions. Security is increased due to the lines of spectators and requests for interview space at the courthouse.

It’s like the difference between a toddler beauty pageant and the Miss America competition. Sure, it’s interesting, but its not free.

Do you still want to watch?

Illegals staying because it’s too dangerous

How about this story that the border between the US and Mexico is so tight that illegals who want to get out, CAN’T??

A study by the University of Arizona said, in part, that crossing is so dangerous that some immigrants decide to stay, knowing it’s illegal but fearing the trip back.

Shouldn’t we have some sort of amnesty for those who want to go back to Mexico without penalty? Sort of like Arizona’s Safe Haven law for babies born to teen moms who choose to HAVE the baby but can’t raise it?

The Arizona SANE legislation group says most of the estimated 11 million illegals in the U.S. right now don’t want to be citizens anyway. Good info.

‘Cats crash out of NCAA Tournament

Well, if you are an ASU fan like me, you say you feel bad for the U of A fans in your life, but you really don’t.

The Buckeyes won on a last-second three pointer Thursday night to keep the ‘Cats out of the Elite 8. I even thought that the ‘Cats had a couple bad calls in the middle of the second half, but you can’t deny the clutch three pointer at the end.

I picked the Buckeyes in the pool anyway. Sorry, Wilbur.