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Final Word: New Sparky already out at ASU

Word is that ASU is giving the new Sparky the fork, just a few months into his new look.

Apparently too much criticism has caused the university to rethink the mascot’s appearance and will hold a fan vote — students, alumni and boosters — to decide on a new one.

Begs the question, “Will we be asked for ID when we register to vote? Who’s to say there won’t be fraud?”

Seriously, the new pitchfork is cool enough. It shouldn’t matter what Sparky’s face looks like. Use the fork whenever possible and chill out on the mascot.

Let’s focus more on our football team for once. They looked like they had taken such a step in the right direction last year…

Pope Francis pro-gay marriage?

Rumor has it the new pope might be okay with the idea of civil unions.

When Francis was bishop of Argentina, he reportedly floated the idea of blessing civil unions at a meeting of bishops there.

If true, this would mark a huge change in the Vatican, even if he’s not ready to announce such a policy as pope. Just the idea that he has considered it is newsworthy.

I think it would mean a lot to many American Catholics, whose ideas tend to be more progressive and less parochial.I would welcome it, as I would the idea of priests being allowed to marry.

Am I dreaming? I hope not, but if I am, don’t wake me!

Arizona Gives Day

It’s Arizona Gives Day, a one-day online fundraiser that allows and encourages you to make a donation to as many different non-profits as possible in 24 hours.

By 9 a.m., more than 1,400 of you had given $300,000. It’s a great start.

If you’re asking yourself why a state would need to have such an official day, think of it as the great American Smoke Out. That was a day when, if you had EVER thought about kicking the habit, you were most likely to give it a try. The support was there, as well as national attention toward the cause.

Same thing here, except with giving.

Maybe you’ve ALWAYS driven by that food bank on your way to work, but never stopped. Maybe the family down the street has a child with CP and you haven’t taken the time to find out where she goes for therapy services. Maybe your cousin is a vet without a job.

Wednesday is the day you ask, engage and commit; doesn’t have to be hundreds of dollars, just give something.

It’s the first day of spring and it’s time to start a new habit. Make it a habit of giving.

If you go even further and engage with the nonprofit you choose, I guarantee you’ll get more in return than you give away.