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Final Word: Lulu yoga pants

If you don’t own a pair of Lululemon yoga pants at this point, you might be in the minority of women who work out.

Lulu is the darling of the workout clothing world. Their clothes are good looking, fashion forward and very in demand.

The company’s stock has gone WAY up since its debut in 2007, but it’s down today. Thanks to a recall that is affecting its wearers in a very embarrassing way.

Apparently some of the company’s black yoga pants, the ones made out of the so called Luon fabric, are a little sheer — OK, see through.

You might be wearing them and not realize just what you are revealing, especially when in downward facing dog.

Lulu is offering customers refunds or replacements… as for me? I think it’s a dirty trick. I can’t go into Lulu and just buy what I came for. I will come out with three more things.

Run on Cyprus banks

You think WE have it bad when it comes to our spending and the sequester? Sure, our taxes went up and Congress and the president can’t seem to agree on real spending cuts, but on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, the government is so upside down financially that, over the weekend, they warned that they would literally raid citizens’ savings accounts to pay for the government debt.

This sent the people into a panic as they raced to empty their bank accounts. Banks closed and ATM machines ran out of money. The Parliament is trying to come up with a better solution but in the meantime, people are scared and faith in government is just about at zero.

That’s scary.

Opening day for Little League

And on the day before the first official day of Spring, comes a warm weather rite of passage. All over the Valley, Little League baseball begins play this week. It’s the best season of them all, in my opinion. Whether its tee ball or player pitch, Saturday morning or under the lights, there is nothing like it. First game for the Orioles of the Arcadia Little League is tonight at 7:15.

Hopefully all that hard offseason work will pay off.