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Final Word: Hillary Clinton releases video in support of gay rights

She’s long been talked about as being a possible candidate for president in 2016 and Hillary Clinton took one more step in that direction over the weekend by releasing a video on YouTube announcing her support for gay marriage.

On one hand, it shouldn’t be too big of a surprise that she supports gays right to marry. Why she would do it now has to make you wonder. True, because no longer the Secretary of State, she doesn’t have the influence at the White House she once did but she’s only been out of the spotlight for a month or so.

Either she misses the attention or she is starting early to slowly but steadily build her presidential resume.

Meanwhile, at the Republican’s weekend conference, the GOP chair said the party needs to shed it’s old white guy image and appeal to the masses, including minorities. And Sarah Palin was still one of the featured speakers . How about inviting Chris Christie??

Dan Majerle gets the job at Grand Canyon University — and it’s official — one basketball team in the Valley REALLY gets it. What a great call on their part. I don’t think anyone could believe it when the Suns let Dan get away this year during the coaching shuffle. Dan is to the Suns what Luis Gonzalez is to the D-backs. The two should never be apart. GCU goes Division I in basketball and hires a Favorite Sun to coach them. What a great story.

The community of Steubenville Ohio is dealing with the aftermath of that rape trial today — two of the local star football players will do time in juvenile prison for the rape of a fellow student — it wasn’t just the act that got the town up in arms, but the fact that the girl was so drunk and that the crime was videotaped and photographed by so many of the students at the party.

The message from the judge to the kids was to think about how you talk to your friends and record things on social media — and to the parents to talk to their kids about the profane and ugly things their kids were doing.

The mother of the victim spoke up as well, as did some of the kids who testified against the two teen defendants. This town is small enough that every one there will have some close connection to the story and hopefully will never allow that kind of thing to happen around them again. There is no way they can ignore such a horrible crime when it was video taped and put out on social media like this crime was. Oddly enough, it was those actions the photos and videos they themselves took that punished them the most.