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Final Word: Matt Lauer to Jeopardy?

The Daily Beast website has an article claiming Matt Lauer is the favorite to replace Alex Trebek when he steps down as the game show’s host in 2016.

It’s a funny thought, but does anyone actually think it would happen?

The article cites numbers that show the Today Show host’s popularity fading since the departure of Ann Curry.

It seems the audience is blaming Lauer for giving Curry the boot.


Matt Lauer may be a trifle on the cocky side, and may indeed not be the easiest person to work with, but he is a top notch newsman, an excellent interviewer, and will physically make himself a part of any story the show tells.

He can carry off “Where in the World is Matt Lauer?” from a New Zealand sheep farm as well as a tough conversation with Dick Cheney.

If you are the Today Show’s producers, you have to want him at the helm of your ship. The only match for him is the amazing Katie Couric, and here’s hoping those two reunite. Soon!!!

Housing numbers in AZ

The foreclosure numbers released yesterday for Arizona by RealtyTrac were undeniably good.

Arizona had the highest rate of decrease in foreclosure filings in the past year than any metro area in the US. It seems the glut of foreclosed properties is finally almost gone, too. It is now a seller’s market, and home values in the Valley are steadily rising.

This is good for the homeowner in good stead on their property, and good news for the buyer who has financing.

Also, good news for the would-be home renter, as well as the landlord, as the area is almost 25% completely owned by investors looking to rent their property.

Not so much for the recently foreclosed upon, if that makes sense. Not only is that person without their investment and all the dollars they threw at it, they will likely face an even steeper up hill battle to get back into the market. It could be a while… ):

This is the kind of survey I can get excited about… the numbers are officially out on the best perceived beers in the United States. There are ten on the list, and don’t let the fact that number ten is Coors Light deter you from listening to the rest. The top three are Dos Equis, Number 3 (the most interesting man in the world drinks it, you should too), Budweiser, self-proclaimed King of Beers, Number 2, and Sam Adams, #1.

One of the best tours I ever took featured a Sam Adams joke. On the Boston Duck Boat tour, you pass by a pub that overlooks the burial place of Samuel Adams. The Duck Boat driver says “that’s the only place in the world where you can drink a cold Sam Adams while looking at a cold Sam Adams!” God Bless America.

Have a great weekend.