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The Obama sequestration cut only where it hurts

Reports have been emerging about the dreaded sequestration not being as bad as it was billed to be.

How does the Obama administration respond? The Obamas take off to Martha’s Vineyard, buy a new dog and cut 57,000 kids from the “Head Start” program that will give them a “leg up” early in life.

I am a vocal critic of Head Start. I feel that it is nothing more than taxpayer-funded daycare; taxpayer funded to the tune of $8 billion per year.

Sequestration has cut the program’s funding by 5.27 percent. This isn’t chump change when you see the 5.27 percent as $421 million.

How does the Department of Health and Human Services (the group that runs Head Start) respond? If you guessed that they will cut back on their $1.4 billion in administration costs, you would be sorely mistaken. They chose to dump 57,000 kids onto the streets.

You see, the Obama administration can’t have you thinking that sequestration worked. Facts be damned. They need you to feel pain so they can eliminate these cuts and pass the expense onto you. What better way to make you feel pain than to tug at your heartstrings with 57,000 sad little faces begging you to just chip in a few more tax dollars?

Wake up, folks. You’re being taken for a ride.