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Guns have no place in our schools

Arkansas is using a law that is already on the books to allow teachers to pack heat.

The law allows for armed security on school grounds. Clarksville High School leaped through this loophole. Teachers will add the “Security Guard” moniker to their desk plates and therefore will be legally allowed to carry guns on school grounds.

As a gun enthusiast and ardent defender of the Second Amendment, I should be cheering this move to skirt the evils of the tree-hugging masses that would strip a teacher of his or her right to defend their students with armed force. As a father of two and a man that prides himself on looking deeper into issues, I could not be more against this. My latter side wins in this case.

Guns have no place in our schools.

This is all a misguided knee-jerk reaction to the tragedy in Newtown. The National Rifle Association, whom I support, completely dropped the ball on this. They needed to say that this had nothing to do with guns and everything to do with mental health. Leave us alone.

But they didn’t. They bowed to public pressure and weighed in on the issue, NRA style.

“Arm the teachers,” they cried. “More guns, less crime.”

This is pure nonsense. Yes, an armed teacher may have stopped Adam Lanza. I won’t argue against that. My fear is that arming teachers will invite more problems than it will solve.

Think about the numbers of children that go to school every day coast-to-coast. How many of them are shot and killed by a mass-murdering lunatic? Exactly. School is the safest place to be for our children without armed teachers.

There is no need to borrow trouble.