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Faith in Humanity: 3-D printer creates objects from photos for the blind

Since the invention of the camera, photos have been not only a way to preserve images, but also to remind us of our favorite memories. A simple picture seems to enable us to relive a part of the moments we cherish the most, whether it was an exciting trip, a college graduation or the birth of a new addition to the family.

But the blind don’t have this luxury. As their memories fade, photographs are simply flat objects which grant them no help.

However, if the photos could be transformed into three-dimensional images, they would be able to “see” their favorite moments again, using their hands.

This is just what a the “Touchable Memories” experiment aims to do. The project was started by Pirate3D, a 3-D printer manufacturing company, which released a video of some of the blind they’ve helped with their 3-D versions of their favorite images.

To say the video is touching would be an understatement. The five blind people featured in the video smile fondly when they receive the 3-D objects, recalling details of the moment almost instantly.

So go ahead, get on your favorite social media site, scroll through a few pictures and smile, because this nostalgia is often something we take for granted. And now, take comfort in the fact that those who cannot see can still remember those favorite moments as well.