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Faith in Humanity: Magician pranks, rewards homeless veteran

Picture this: You’re a homeless veteran.

You do what you can to get by. You take a little money from people here and there to feed yourself and sleep where you can. Rather than being bitter about the situation, you wake up every day with the goal of making everyone who passes you by smile, even if they don’t have anything to spare.

Now imagine a person comes up to you, starts ripping up your sign and asking if that helps. Wouldn’t you be a a little irked?

The vet in this video, Alan McKracken, wasn’t and it’s a good thing. The man ripping up his sign is magician Rob Anderson, who had heard about McKracken’s plight and happy attitude.

Anderson may have torn up McKracken’s sign, but he gave him some money and set up a Go Fund Me page to help McKracken get off the streets.