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Faith in Humanity: Internet funds dad’s trip to see son graduate

Hard times can force us to miss out on some big moments in people’s lives.

Sometimes we just don’t have the money to take the trip or can’t risk a hard-to-find job. It’s a sad truth.

But according to the Huffington Post, one dad didn’t have to miss his son graduate thanks to kind people on the Internet.

Branch455, the father, posted on Reddit that he was having trouble making ends meet and his car was unreliable, so he’d likely have to miss his son’s ceremony. That’s when other Reddit users stepped in.

They helped user branch455 find a cheap bus ticket for the 460-mile round-trip journey between the Florida cities of Tallahassee and Eustis, provided him with a hotel room using Holiday Inn points and drove him from the bus stop to his hotel.

Thanks to the Internet, the dad saw his son graduate and got to spend some time with family.