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Government pulling ‘Redskins’ trademark is idiotic

Full disclosure: I was raised and grew up outside of Washington, D.C. and have been a lifelong fan of the Washington Redskins.

I own many jerseys, t-shirts and hats and, like all Redskins fans, live in the past, reminiscing on the days when we were a good football team.

I think the argument over the name is asinine.

Besides the obvious points like the fact that NOBODY uses the term “redskin” unless they are referencing a professional football team, the United States Trademark Trial and Appeal Board cancelled six federal trademarks held by the team.

Idiotic, especially when you consider the trademarks the exact same government agency APPROVED!

I mean, maybe you think “Cracka Azz Skateboards” is a totally appropriate, non-offensive name but I bet you SOMETHING on the list will make you think “redskin” would be a COMPLIMENT compared to that!