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Beware of people driving around, minding their own business!

What comes of a society that tells people (especially kids) that EVERYONE is out to get you at ALL times? This …

An Oregon TV station did this story in which a young girl, her mom and the reporter completely freak out over an “attempted kidnapping.” The evidence? A “suspicious” man driving down a public road behind the girl riding her motorcycle. He then had the audacity to slow down and briefly stop (STOP I tell you!) at the girl’s driveway.

Police were called, a search was mobilized and this predator was quickly found! Turns out the would-be kidnapper/murderer was actually looking for a boat shop in the area and was slowing down to read addresses.

Better safe than sorry is the fallback position of the brainwashed sheeple who can’t understand basic statistics, or realize the harm they do to society by assuming everyone is always trying to get you or your kids.

If this girl’s mom was truly concerned for her daughter’s safety, she should keep her away from family reunions, since friends and family are more than twice as likely to harm you as strangers are.

And as opposed to thinking every man who drives down the public road in front of their house is a threat to their daughter, maybe they should look at the statistics of riding a motorcycle. If they can comprehend math (a stretch at this point), they will no doubt roll her up in bubble wrap and lock her in the basement.