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Student arrested during protest for classmate who took own life

I don’t know who to be more disappointed in, the school or the police.

According to the NWI Times, about 200 students took to the halls of Lake Central High School on Thursday after a second classmate to their own life. The students wanted a moment of silence to remember the deceased but school officials felt that would glorify suicide.

When the school refused, the students staged a sit-in.

We can argue the effectiveness, or methods of a group of high school students organizing a sit-in, but the reaction of the principal and school police is totally disproportionate.

So we now have an 18-year old-kid charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and carrying a knife on school property (he had a pocketknife) for saying the words “and we’re disappointed in you too.”

Great lesson for the future leaders of America: Disagree with authority (even respectfully) and you will get arrested.