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Miley Cyrus ‘won’ the night at the MTV VMAs

Spare me the outrage. Of COURSE Miley Cyrus practically stripped naked, “twerked” (look it up…you’ll thank me) and generally made a spectacle of herself on MTV Sunday night.

The Video Music Awards (VMAs) stopped being about music videos shortly after Music Television (MTV) stopped being about music. This show is specifically designed, scripted and rehearsed to generate outrage, talk and usually condemnation.

We live in a society where attention is the goal and how you get it is irrelevant. Your sex tape is leaked? You are a “star” (Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton,etc.)? You behave badly for a living (Charlie Sheen, Amanda Bynes, etc.)? Then you are a “celebrity.”

That message has been received loud and clear by this generation, and they not only aren’t embarrassed, they celebrate it! Miley Cyrus WON the night, regardless of the reaction.