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Why don’t we kick government out of relationships?

I’m fed up with the arguments for and against same sex marriage and want to propose a radical new solution to this issue dividing America: Get government out of the relationship business.

That’s right. Why on Earth would anyone concede to a government the right to define, regulate or sanction your relationship? What was common place 200 years ago is foreign today, and vice versa.

So as opposed to arguing changing norms and public attitudes in places like the Supreme Court, wouldn’t a better solution be that government recuse itself from what you call, or how you define your relationships?

In my perfect world, “marriages” would be treated the same, and carry the same significance as “baptisms.” In other words, these religious ceremonies would be administered to and sanctioned by the religious entity of ones choosing with no government interference, pro or con.

Just as different religions have different rituals when it comes to marriage, why go down the path of which ones are “right” and which are “wrong?” Do you really want to leave it up to politicians and public opinion to determine a Catholic Church wedding is a legal marriage, but Elvis presiding over your Vegas nuptials isn’t?

And for the record, I am in support of marriage equality, same-sex marriage, whatever you want to call it, if only for the reason that I believe they have the right to be as miserable as my married heterosexual friends are.