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Happy birthday, Twitter!

Before you start on your anti-Twitter rant which, makes you sound A LOT like the neighbor who screams “get off my lawn,” let’s pause to celebrate the seventh anniversary of a rather revolutionary form of communication.

Full disclosure, while not the first person on Twitter, I did join rather early (2008) and am a few postings shy of 7,500 Tweets. I really need a hobby.

At first, like with most new things, we all struggled with how to use Twitter and even I abandoned the service for weeks or months at a time. I didn’t care what someone was having for lunch nor did I find it interesting that their cat just threw up a fur ball. If you think that is what Twitter is about today, you are so… 2010.

Today, Twitter is the default form of communication for athletes, artists and musicians, politicians, and quite honestly, anyone of any importance. Find me someone who proudly states they aren’t on Twitter and I’ll show you someone who is becoming a bit less relevant to the discussion every day.

Twitter has become our town square, chat room and round table … all in 140 characters or less. From a presidential debate to a revolution, from the Grammys to a hurricane making land, Twitter puts the power of communication in the hands of everyone.

The trick, as I’ve found, is how to amplify the important voices while muting the drivel. Follow journalists, opinion makers and scholars and Twitter opens up a world of interesting and thought-provoking content. My Twitter feed is a 24-hour stream of news, opinion and links to stories I would never be able to find on my own. It’s all about where you look.

So count me as one of the well-wishers on Twitter’s seventh birthday! And while it may have taken me some time to get used to, I think Twitter is my most important connection to the world and will continue to be for quite some time.

And should you choose to include me on your list, @BruceStJames is where you can find me!