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Finally: Highway slowpokes, beware!

Recently, a woman received a ticket in Maryland for going 2 miles UNDER the speed limit… and I couldn’t be happier!

Far be it from me to applaud anyone getting a ticket, but let’s hope that law enforcement starts enforcing all the laws of the highway evenly, not just targeting those exceeding the speed limit. There are also the slow drivers in the left lane, tailgaters, multiple lane changers, etc. Stop telling me that I am an the only one driving unsafely because I exceed the speed limit when there are plenty of people violating the law!

And so we are clear, I only use the left lane to pass, then I merge back to the right until it’s time to overtake again. If you are “driving” in the left lane (regardless of speed) you are being discourteous and deserve all the bad things that happen to you … hopefully including a ticket.

C’mon DPS, get with it!