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Armstrong, Te’o: Big lies draw big attention

Lance Armstrong? Manti Te’o? Why do we care? (OK, I know some people don’t…)

I think I figured out why these stories have exploded on the national stage. We don’t like being lied to. Sure, we place undeserving athletes on a pedestal and project our hopes and dreams on them, regardless of what they are really like off the bike or field.

We build them up, expect near perfection and create a fantasy world that they live in full of money, fame and none of the problems everyday people face. When (not if) they fall, we furrow our brows or remember the good old days when they were still perfect.

We can forgive them for a variety of actions, just as long as they are perceived to be honest. So what we are saying is you can cheat and steal, just don’t lie to us about it.