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What did he win?

The headlines screamed that Rick Santorum pulled an
upset victory in this week’s primaries and caucuses.

While I admit that I’m hardly an expert on the nomination
process, I could have sworn it has something to do with
delegates and reaching a “magic number”.

So why did Minnesota, Missouri and Colorado award no
delegates and why do they choose to “apportion their
delegates at later date?”

Seriously, American Idol has a more transparent election
process than this.

The Republican National Committee, and their counterparts
with a “D” next to their name, has a vested interest in
marketing their eventual candidate to the country.

These pseudo-private companies are in the business of
selling an ideal (all wrapped up in a person) to you and
plan on doing that during their respective conventions.

The LAST thing they want is uncertainty, divisiveness and
anything that gets in the way of the candidate standing
alone on stage with a 50-foot high digital American Flag
waving behind them as balloons cascade down. Because of
that, these primaries that withhold their delegates are
worse than beauty pageants as the delegates will be
awarded only when the nominee is already chosen so as to
appear “unified” behind the candidate.

So what did Rick Santorum win again?