The immigration mess

Jul 3, 2014, 5:13 PM | Updated: 5:13 pm

We all know the Border Patrol’s hands are tied, right? How they handle kids crossing the border is a matter of federal law. And, we all know that President George W. Bush signed those rules into law, right? So, please Gov. Brewer, let’s stop with all the Obama conspiracy theories. The president didn’t manufacture the crisis. He’s not the All-Powerful Oz. What he has done is deport more illegal immigrants than any of his predecessors.

The root cause of the immigration mess is economics and crime. We’re rich. Central America is poor. We certainly have our crime problems, but in Mexico and some Central American countries, it’s much, much worse. If the situation were reversed, it would be Mexicans screaming at their government to keep the Americans out.

Governor, if you want to make a real contribution, put some pressure on members of our Congressional delegation to get to work on comprehensive immigration reform. Not only would that be the right thing to do, it would be the smart thing to do politically. Your party is already saddled with a reputation for just saying no, and on this issue, the president is backing Republicans into a corner. He wants Congress to change those rules President Bush approved back in 2008. If the Republicans say no, then Democrats get to say the humanitarian crisis at the border is on your shoulders. If enough Republicans say yes, then Obama gets to take credit for acting, and Democrats get to say that all the Republicans have been willing to do on the immigration issue is deport a bunch of poor, frightened kids.

Not the All-Powerful Oz, but pretty smart.


Jeremy Hudson

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The immigration mess