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I want to step back from the continuing debate about equal pay and look at a much bigger picture.

Men and women are obviously different, certainly physically but in other important ways as well. Women are smarter than men, at least as far as IQ testing shows and they are better learners. Women take advantage of their superior learning abilities and more women than men now graduate from college. Women are more ethical than men. Lifting women out of poverty and providing them with an education provides the best foreign aid bang for the buck. Women tend to be more thoughtful and deliberate, and make better investors. Women make more effective leaders.

So why haven’t women been running the world all along? The story of male subjugation and domination of women goes back eons, and involves biology (of course) sociology and psychology. It’s far too complex to go into here, but we are evolving and in the developed world, women are increasingly taking their proper seat at the table. In the underdeveloped world, many women are at least getting into the room where the table is. It’s an evolution we all should celebrate and support because we will all benefit.

My hope is that the members of Congress who have not evolved will hear from enough of their constituents, especially us guys, and find their way into the 21st century. Unequal pay for equal work is so last century.