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Don’t bother me!

I was talking to my mom in Boston the other day when she apologized and clicked away to take another call.

It was a scammer, the same one I’ve heard from a number of times. You’ve probably been bothered by them, too. A voice says, “The FBI reports there is a break-in every 15 minutes!” These guys are the worst of the worst. I’ve been on the Do Not Call list since day one and have reported them three times. They don’t care. The robo-voice says, “If you’re not interested, press two.” I do, and they don’t care. They still call.

A TV station in Virginia did a story on these slime-balls. One viewer says he actually talked to the scammers and told them he desperately needed the system then gave them the address of the nearest police station. Sweet!

But I can fight technology with technology. My phone service offers selective acceptance. When I turn it on, if your number isn’t on my list, you don’t get through.

Now all I need is the technology that will remind me to turn it on at bedtime.