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I’m a big fan…

…of Justin Timberlake.

Full disclosure: I was never a teenage girl, so I missed the whole Disney, Star Search, ‘N Sync thing.

I certainly noticed his 2004 Super Bowl performance. (Full disclosure: I’m a guy, so maybe I noticed Janet Jackson more.)

I thought “Justified” and “FutureSex/LoveSounds” were both pretty good but he won me over when he hosted the Espy’s back in 2008. It’s not something I would normally watch, but he immediately impressed me; smooth, confident, funny, didn’t take himself too seriously and obviously very talented.

If you’re not a fan, may I recommend a link that might convert you? He hosted this past weekend’s “Saturday Night Live” for the fifth time, and with some makeup, glasses, a wig and a piano, channeled Elton John in a special version of “Candle in the Wind,” for Hugo Chavez, the late president of Venezuela.

Special bonus; you might learn something, too: Chavez was more outrageous than I knew!