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Police say man pretended to be his blind twin to get out of tickets

Come on: We’ve all done this at least once.

Seriously, who among us hasn’t posed as his or her blind twin to get out of a ticket?

Well, just in case that’s something you haven’t done: Here’s a lesson in how not to do it.

Hackensack, New Jersey, resident Olawale Agoro received five summonses during a traffic stop in July. The 58-year-old was scheduled to appear in court to face those charges in September.

But during that court appearance, the Rochelle Park Police Department reports Agoro pretended to be his blind twin brother “Tony,” who informed the court his brother had taken a trip to Nigeria following their father’s death.

Later that day, a police officer who didn’t buy the story pulled “Tony” over and ticketed him (for visually impaired driving, we assume).

We’ll let The Huffington Post tell the rest of the story:

Agoro then allegedly twice got adjournments after “Tony” sought them from court clerks, claiming that Agoro was in Nigeria mourning the death of their father. But a warrant was issued for his arrest this week after he failed to appear at court hearing.

Agoro came to court the next day, and once again claimed he was “Tony.” The court clerks became suspicious and contacted authorities, who determined that “Tony” really was Agoro. “Tony” was unable to produce any identification, and police matched a birth mark under his lip to the photo on Agoro’s driver’s license, authorities said.

The moral of the story: Lying to the police only gets you into deeper trouble. (Or: If you’re going to pose as your own twin, wear a mole, an eye patch or something.)