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Arizona newlyweds’ epic fail is a lesson in taking it in stride

Although honeymoon getaways are traditional, there is one couple of newlyweds that just couldn’t wait to go on their trip.

A recent video of a wedding in Camp Verde, Arizona depicts one of the best wedding fails of all time: an exuberant groom decides to run while carrying his bride, which doesn’t go too smoothly.

Spoiler alert: they both face plant, in front of all their guests.

Although the fall is hilarious, the couple’s way of getting back up is just as epic. The bride throws her arm in the air, bouquet in hand, and the groom gets back up and keeps on running.

While many can often become obsessed with making every minute detail of their wedding organized and perfect, sometimes life shows you that not everything can be planned.

These newlyweds just take it in stride, as really, that fall was just a momentary (and still, hilarious) pause in their big day.

Besides, this has the be the best way imaginable to cement your vows.