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Family’s hilarious rap reminds us of parents’ Halloween sacrifice

Halloween is all about finding that perfect costume. Couples wear coordinating ensembles, kids dress as their favorite Disney characters and young adults try to wear something edgy and socially relevant.

But parents are in a category all their own. Unlike their pre-family days of wearing something eye-catching or spooky, their Halloween roles have changed to cater to their kids.

They not only have to return to the days of trick-or-treating, but they often must dress to please their little ghouls as well.

Nothing says this better than a new video, created as a rap parody of Snoop Dogg’s “Gin and Juice,” called “Kin and Moose.”

When the dad excitedly sports metallic gold “Hammertime” pants to match his wife, their daughter insists they wear costume to match hers, Elsa from the recent Disney movie, “Frozen.”

This rap’s refrain is then perfectly hilarious and completely relatable. “Rolling down the street with my kinfolk, dressed like a giant moose,” he sings.

“Hammertime” pants or not, this Halloween is a time to salute all parents who will be forgoing the parties to walk around their neighborhoods in giant animal costumes and the like.

But even with this outfit change and the complaints, the parents in the video don’t really look like they’d rather be anywhere else.