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Man uses his fridge’s ice maker as a candy dispenser

Which is more important to you, ice cubes or candy?

That might become a valid debate after a YouTube user shows how you can dispense candy from the automatic ice maker of your home refrigerator.

Deric Peace posted a video Wednesday that has already been watched roughly 1.5 million times. In the clip, he puts a glass up to his ice dispenser, which shoots out M&M’s, miniature peanut butter cups and other pieces of candy.

It’s perfect for those who like their candy with a little bit of a chill to it — and who don’t need ice for their beverages.

If you do decide to fill your ice maker with candy, we’d recommend washing out the receptacle first before switching back to cubes, as the whole setup be an easy target for bacteria.

Peace followed up the popular video the next day with one that shows candy dispensed on the crushed setting. He said he had to take off any wrappers first before trying it. The results aren’t as wild as you’d think, and some of the pieces even stayed intact on their way through the grinders.