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BuzzFeed compiles some of the most awkward family Halloween photos

Looking at old photos, a lot of us probably have regrets over a hairstyle we might have had or the outdated attire we were wearing.

BuzzFeed has captured the Halloween angle of that phenomenon, aggregating pictures from of odd costumes people have worn for the late-October holiday.

One family is shown dressing up like crayons, and one of the kids has his face painted in a way that probably wouldn’t go over too well nowadays.

There’s another photo that looks like an average family portrait, except the smallest kid is the only one wearing a mask — one which looks like a cross between something from the “Leprechaun” movies and a creature from “The Omen.”

There’s also a dad dressed up like a toothpaste bottle — which is labeled “Crust” instead of Crest — and his son is wearing a tooth outfit and holding a giant toothbrush.

One family even dons “Coneheads” caps, and the youngest son doesn’t look like he appreciates it too much.

In the BuzzFeed video, you will also see a couple of babies wearing a pumpkin: no, not of the felt variety — actual pumpkins.

See other odd, head-scratching costume choices by watching the video below.