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‘You poked my heart’

There are a few important unanswered questions in our world. What is the meaning of life? Which came first the chicken or the egg? Why are hot dogs sold in packs of 10 while hot dog buns are sold in packs of eight? You know, life’s essential questions.

All of those pale in comparison to the question these young children are debating — is it raining or sprinkling?

The back-and-forth exchange of “my mommy said” will fill your heart with glee.

The little girls are trying so hard to convince the little boy that it is raining outside, not sprinkling. Not having any of it, the boy proclaims “You’re not real, I’m real.”

After a couple minutes of arguing, one of the girls pokes the boy in the chest as a means of showing she’s serious that it’s raining.

With a look of pure shock and devastation the boy reacts by saying, “you poked my heart.”

The cute exchange reminds us all of some of the funny things we used to argue about as kids.

Besides, I think it was drizzling.