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Google Maps now takes you through the UAE’s Liwa Oasis

If you’re looking to get a “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome”-like desert experience — without that whole Gulag part, of course — Google Maps now offers you that opportunity.

A new video posted to Google Arabia’s YouTube account shows how images were captured in the Liwa Oasis to be used on Google Maps. A man is shown guiding a camel with a large camera on its back through sand dunes in the southern region of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

You can now use the Google tool to get unique vantage points amid the Middle Eastern desert oasis, minus the extreme elements that can accompany such a place.

Google Maps has been getting pretty creative with the places it can now take its users. In a local example, Google Street View began offering a virtual tour through the Musical Instrument Museum in north Phoenix earlier this year. A walk through the whole museum usually takes between three and four hours on foot, but the Google tool allows you to tour the facility in a matter of minutes. Google came to the museum in February 2013 to gather images, which were pieced together and then went live on Google Street View a little over a year later.