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Video: Man wakes up in body bag after presumed dead from Ebola

In a report about the ongoing Ebola crisis in Liberia, ABC News’ correspondent Dr. Richard Besser describes the story of a man covered on the ground, presumed dead from Ebola.

Footage is shown of heath workers spraying bleach in the area around the man. Besser explained how residents had tried over and over for days to get help for the sick man, but to no avail.

However, burial crews arrived within an hour of the man’s reported death. Besser explained that they are quick to get to victims once the have died, but there is very little being done to treat the living ill.

Then something shocking happened. As crews were placing the man in a body bag, his hand moved.

“He’s not dead!” Besser exclaimed.

Liberia has been hit hard by Ebola. Nearly 4,000 have fallen ill to the virus and nearly 2,000 have died according to a report from Reuters.

The U.S. had an Ebola scare of its own when a man was diagnosed with the virus in Texas last week. Thomas Eric Duncan is in critical condition at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas.