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‘Kid President’ organizes tearful surprise party for teacher retiring after 41 years

Nancy Flexer taught first grade for 41 years.

So when the Tennessee resident was approaching the end of her final school year, fellow teachers at Cole Elementary School in Nashville put together a massive surprise party to celebrate her work over the years.

Students from her classes over the years filled her classroom and, after she nonchalantly walked in to greet what she thought were a two or three dozen six-year-olds, she became the recipient of praise, with 20 and 30 and 40-year-olds telling stories of her impact on their lives.

“You wrote the sweetest letters in my report cards,” one twenty-something man recalls.

“I remember in first grade, you pushed me and my sister to do well,” another former student told. “And I think that’s what makes you the great teacher that you are.”

“I’m just so shocked by all this,” Ms. Flexer said.

“I have so many beautiful, everlasting memories that I will always treasure.”

Get out the tissues. Wow.