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Bridesmaid bootyshot: The newest wedding photo trend?

This is the story that YOU wanted to hear us talk about! It received 63 percent of the vote in our Radioactive poll!

PHOENIX — Whatever happened to the days of sentimental wedding snapshots of bride and groom in each other’s arms?

A new wedding trend is catching on around the Internet and it involves brides flashing their guests — literally.

The photo trend involves the bridal party lining up next to the bride, turning around and lifting up their dresses to flash a little derriere.

According to ABC News, the internet has been buzzing with opinions.

James Miles, editor of, the largest online wedding resource, labeled the cheeky trend a fashion don’t.

“We don’t recommend it. Fun cheeky photos like this are what the bachelorette party is for and usually are kept private. The wedding in general is a more serious event.”

Thousands of photos have circulated around Pinterest on the new trend.

Sure, it’s one way to give your guests a laugh, but no doubt it will be a wedding album to hide from grandma.

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