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What does this fox say? ‘Thank you’, let’s hope

Floods can really put a damper on things. Especially when you’re a bad swimmer.

So when heavy rains — as many as eight inches — fell upon Saskatchewan, near the village of Welwyn, one fox found himself in deep, damp trouble.

A flood set in and local farmer Colin Graham saw his crops completely submerged under feet of water.

Also in trouble was a family of foxes that he had seen roaming his property for several months, the CBC reported.

“[They] have been sitting out on this rock pile near our house for all spring,” Graham told the news outlet.

“My sister wondered what happened to the foxes, so we drove out there and there was just one rock sticking out of the top of the water.”

Then the story turns from thoughtful to heroic.

On top of that rock, Graham noticed one young fox stranded on what he estimated was about eight feet of water.

“One guy I was with, Jordan Olson, suggested that we should probably just go out there and swim and get it,” Graham said.

While the fox stranded on the rock pile was probably about 75 metres away, Graham and Olson dove in rescue the animal.

“When I first got there, he had a little bit of energy and he bailed off the rock and into the water and tried to swim away,” Graham said. “But I was able to catch up to him.”

Graham said the fox was not a lot bigger than a kitten.

And what did the fox say? “Thank you,” if he has any manners.